Task Management

A new era of docketing

21st century task and time management.

did you know?

Most legal professionals struggle to stay organized.

The majority of legal professionals keep track of their workload on notepads or in unencrypted spreadsheets or documents.
Blackacre Pro securely houses your task information and allows you to actually manage your workload, rather than worrying about what you might have missed.

Avoid confidentiality breaches

Task details on notepads and in unencrypted spreadsheets or word documents poses a significant risk of breaching privilege, in the event of a loss. By tracking your workload in Blackacre Pro, you secure your information using technology relied upon by the world's largest financial institutions.

Budget and flat fee-friendly

Our proprietary algorithm allows you to stay on top of your time when it comes to budget-sensitive clients or fixed- or flat-fee billing arrangements. Blackacre Pro helps you avoid unprofitable fixed fees and client dissatisfaction from exceeded budgets.

Accountant approved

Blackacre Pro works alongside your existing legal accounting software and, with easy integrations and unrestricted exports, you can keep your existing workflow intact - albeit with supercharged efficiency.

Innovatively simple

While our proprietary algorithm is undeniably complex, if you can use an iPhone, you can use Blackacre Pro We know legal work is complicated, and so to are legal workflows - but thoughtfully built legal software doesn't have to be.

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