Task Delegation


Easily manage your team from anywhere.

did you know?

Most legal managers struggle with task delegation.

Finding out who is at work, who has capacity, and when to schedule time to delegate has traditionally plagued legal management.
Remote work in the post-COVID-19 landscape has only made matters more complicated.
Blackacre Pro transforms the current chore of task delegation into a streamlined and simple process.

Ditch manual task follow-up

How often do you have to track down someone to get a task update? How many times have you forgotten who is assigned to a particular task? Blackacre Pro's algorithm simplifies and automates follow-up, so you don't miss a thing.

Remote-work friendly

Whether your team is working remotely or you are, Blackacre Pro effectively operates as your 'command station' so that you can delegate work from any place on Earth. Integrate with your favorite email and video conference provider to further streamline your day-to-day workflow.

Bespoke to your team's structure

Blackacre Pro's task delegation embraces cross-functional teams and is tailored to how your particular organization is structured.

Flexible transparency

Blackacre Pro allows for an unlimited combination of permission sets so that tasks are exactly as transparent as your organization needs them to be.

Ready to supercharge your team's efficiency?