Management Analytics

legal management-specific analytics

What gets measured gets managed.

did you know?

Most legal managers don't have access to vital metrics.

... And it's not their fault. Until now, legal managers have been under-equipped to manage their staff due to a lack of data and metrics.
Without reliable data and a proper set of metrics, managers cannot possibly know how or when certain team members require extra mentorship or opportunity. Nor are they able to identify potential issues before they turn into real issues.
Blackacre Pro turns this vulnerability into your organization's greatest strength.

Meaningful performance reviews

Performance reviews are a valuable opportunity to establish a dialogue with team members about their work. Many lawyers feel that reviews are often plagued with recency bias, incomplete metrics, or ambiguity. Blackacre Pro reestablishes your reviews as a meaningful and trusted process that leverages hard data.

Deliberate mentorship

A legal team's primary asset is the competency of its members. Until now, legal managers have struggled with implementing effective mentorship plans due to a lack of data. With Blackacre Pro, you can deliberately cultivate your team's skill set by identifying areas of opportunity and areas worthy of praise.

Real-time metrics

Accounting systems provide legal managers with a metric commonly used in the industry - billable hours. However, these reports lag real-time since hours must be posted first. Blackacre Pro gives you a real-time snapshot into not only hourly targets, but every other metric you're currently missing as a manager.

Reinvigorate firm culture

Blackacre Pro's workflow and analytics were curated specifically with workplace culture in mind. With our analytics, you can ensure that case files are being distributed fairly and that everyone has an opportunity to participate in the type of work, or within the particular teams, needed for their growth, thereby bolstering management's credibility.

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