Blackacre Pro x Clio


Integrate Blackacre Pro with Clio to Manage Your Law Practice

Two-Way Sync

Benefit from a robust two-way sync so that you can administer your practice in Clio and manage your team in Blackacre Pro

Integrated Permissions

Your Clio permissions carry over into Blackacre Pro so that ethical walls, team structures, and file sensitivites are always respected.

File Harmony

Blackacre Pro communicates with Clio so that your client and matters will always match.

Easy Time Tracking

Logged time in Blackacre Pro will automatically carry over into Clio, eliminating double-entry.


In the fast-paced world of legal practice, efficiency is crucial. When it comes to managing the workload in a law firm, it is pivotal to have reliable, streamlined software to ensure all tasks are evenly distributed and effectively executed. Enter Blackacre Pro, a powerful web application that flawlessly fulfills this requirement. Its greatest strength, however, lies in its seamless integration with popular legal management software, Clio. Combining the capacities of Blackacre Pro and Clio, law firms can now attain an unmatched level of efficiency and productivity.

Clio law software is recognized as a leading player in legal management software solutions. Pairing it with Blackacre Pro enables an unparalleled level of law integration, empowering law offices across the globe and especially in North America, where the demands of the law society are notably complex.

1. Seamless Integration

The first benefit of this integration is, of course, seamless connectivity. With just a Clio login, you can connect both platforms, enabling data to flow freely between Blackacre Pro and Clio law practice management software. This ensures all your critical information is updated in real-time across both platforms.

2. Effective Workload Management

Blackacre Pro’s primary feature of tracking the workload of each staff member in a law firm remains unhindered in the integrated environment. The platform interacts smoothly with Clio law firm data, presenting managers with an accurate picture of staff capacity and facilitating effective task distribution.

3. Enhanced Client Relationship Management

The integration also enhances the capabilities of Clio’s legal CRM feature. With Blackacre Pro’s workload management and Clio’s comprehensive practice CRM, you can easily track client interactions alongside your staff’s workload, ensuring that no task or client is overlooked.

4. API and Apps Support

With Clio’s robust API, Blackacre Pro can easily tap into the wealth of data and functions available in the Clio law software. This also extends to the various apps that Clio supports, providing additional tools to manage, review, and grow your practice.

5. Affordable Pricing

Contrary to what you might expect, this powerhouse combination of Blackacre Pro and Clio doesn’t come with a hefty price tag. In our software review, we found that the value you get from the Clio pricing combined with Blackacre Pro’s capabilities provides an excellent return on investment.

6. Enhanced Support for Clients

With the integration of Blackacre Pro and Clio, law firms can extend enhanced support to their clients. The combined platform provides a unified front, where clients’ case details, task assignments, deadlines, and billing information can be managed and reviewed in one place.

7. Empowerment through Analytics

Blackacre Pro’s analytics paired with the extensive data stored in Clio provides law firms with a comprehensive analysis of their workload, performance, and client relations. This valuable insight can be leveraged to drive growth and improve efficiency in your law office.

8. Data Security

The Blackacre Pro and Clio integration maintain high standards of data security. Both platforms utilize strong encryption methods to protect sensitive data, thus meeting and exceeding industry standards for data security.

9. User-Friendly Interface

Both Blackacre Pro and Clio boast user-friendly interfaces, ensuring that even the least tech-savvy individuals in your law firm can easily navigate through the systems. The integration has been designed to be as intuitive as possible, allowing users to get the most out of both platforms with minimal training.
The integration of Blackacre Pro and Clio is undoubtedly a game-changer for law firms. It brings together two of the best software platforms in the legal industry, creating a robust solution that caters to all aspects of legal practice management.

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