Capacity Management

capacity management

It's time to know your team's capacity.

did you know?

Most legal professionals struggle in gauging capacity.

Until now, legal managers delegated work based upon their perception of their team's workload.
It has been impossible to know whether a team member has been over- or under-tasked without holding capacity meetings or asking them. Usually, the result is just a 'guesstimate'.
With Blackacre Pro's proprietary algorithm, you don't need to guess, you know.

The best match

Instead of guessing your team's capacities or just relying on the same person to assist with a task, you can identify team members who can realistically take it on, based upon their workload.

Increased profits

By fully utilizing your team, you are ensuring that you are fully leveraging their capacity, resulting in increased profitability. For in-house teams, this means you can do more with your workforce budget.

Under-utilized = Under-skilled

As lawyers - the more experience we get, the more our skills develop. Blackacre Pro lets you identify team members who may benefit from more or varied work and from a wider variety of delegators.

Lower burnout = Lower turnover

Legal turnover has incredible costs (e.g., recruiting fees, training). Blackacre Pro smooths out your organization's workload so that portions of your team are not consistently over-tasked, which leads to burnout and attrition.

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