Legal Management Software – Capacity, Managed.


Unlike any other legal practice management software solution.

Manage the efficiency of your legal team and watch their productivity and skills skyrocket.

Meet the future of AI-powered legal team management

Traditional legal CRMs and legal accounting software are not designed to keep your legal workload organized nor your legal team efficient. Worse yet, most are ill-equipped for the work from home movement. Designed by a former HR executive-turned lawyer, Blackacre Pro© was crafted exclusively for legal workflows (including in house legal teams and legal departments) and with a focus on keeping you and your team organized, efficient, and productive - from any place on Earth.

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Manage your legal team in real time from anywhere.

Effortless task delegation.

Blackacre Pro brings legal task delegation into the 21st century by combining a simple, intuitive user interface with our powerful proprietary AI-powered algorithm. Firm leaders and legal managers can finally track task progress, delegate, and manage their teams with ease, whether the team works remotely or in the office.

What gets measured gets managed

Performance at a glance.

Blackacre Pro equips your management team with the world's most robust legal team-specific analytics engine so that you can quickly and easily identify areas worthy of praise or opportunities for optimization.

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of time in a lawyer's day is spent on administrative tasks*

*Source: 2017 Legal Trends Report (Clio)

Docketing built for the 21st century.

Designed by a former HR executive-turned lawyer, our simple yet powerful task and time management system is unlike anything you have ever used. It's time to ditch the manual tracking of your workload and let our proprietary AI-powered algorithm do the administration for you.

Flat Fee Friendly

Our proprietary artificial intelligent-driven algorithm helps to ensure your flat fee billing arrangements remain profitable.

Reliably Secure

Blackacre Pro leverages security technology used by the world's largest financial institutions to help ensure your privileged information stays that way.

Accountant Approved

Our time entry and time tracker system integrates within your current accounting workflow, operations, and existing systems.

0 %
of lawyers agree that there are not enough hours in the day*

*Source: 2017 Legal Trends Report (Clio)

Capacity management... finally.

Until now, law firm leaders, general counsel, and legal managers have been at a loss in assessing current and future team capacity, all at the expense of billable time. Save time and cancel your team's next capacity or workload meeting - we have you covered.

Current Capacity

Our proprietary algorithm allows you to assess the capacity of any team member - anytime, anywhere.

Upward Task Transparency

Blackacre Pro's unique custom permissions allow for as much task transparency as your organization desires.

Forecasting Capacity

With intuitive capacity forecasting, you can ensure you're choosing the right person for every task.

Our mission is to equip lawyers and legal managers with the tools they need to practice in an efficient, transparent, and profitable way.

Cloud-Based Legal Practice Management Software:

Enhancing Efficiency with Blackacre Pro

Legal practice management has evolved in the digital era, and at the forefront of this revolution is Blackacre Pro, a state-of-the-art, cloud-based legal practice management software. Optimized for law firms seeking to streamline their operations and balance workloads effectively, Blackacre Pro represents the zenith of modern legal suite technology.

For legal firms worldwide, especially those situated in Canada and the United States, where the demands and nuances of legal proceedings can be particularly intricate, Blackacre Pro’s pioneering legal software Canada feature offers an ideal solution. It empowers law firms with an unprecedented degree of control and insight over their operations. Built on cloud-based technology, Blackacre Pro offers an intelligent approach to legal management, eliminating the traditional barriers of time, space, and geographical boundaries.

Unlike conventional legal practice management software, Blackacre Pro is designed to manage capacity in a way that is both effective and equitable. By diligently tracking the workload of each staff member, it ensures that tasks are evenly distributed. This results in an environment where efficiency is maximized, and staff burnout is minimized. Blackacre Pro, as a web-based legal management software, grants access from any device with an internet connection, thus providing a level of flexibility that’s virtually unparalleled in the industry. It provides the advantage of real-time updates on workload and staff capacity, permitting managers to make informed decisions on task delegation.

A part of Blackacre Pro’s standout features is its meticulous task tracking system. It provides a precise overview of workload distribution across the legal firm, allowing for efficient allocation and reassignment of tasks as needed. This unique feature assures that no team member is overburdened, promoting a harmonious and productive work environment.

Another key aspect of Blackacre Pro’s legal management is its intelligent predictive analytics. By analyzing past workload data, it predicts future workload trends and provides recommendations for task delegation. This innovative feature helps firms plan ahead, ensuring that they are equipped to handle their workload efficiently.

Blackacre Pro’s cloud-based legal practice management software provides secure data storage and effortless retrieval. The platform uses high-level encryption to protect sensitive data, meeting and exceeding industry standards for data security. As a result, law firms can have full confidence in the privacy and protection of their information.

In the complex world of legal practice, effective management is crucial. Blackacre Pro’s robust, cloud-based legal software has been designed with this in mind, helping law firms navigate the challenges of capacity management with ease. It’s more than just a tool – it’s a solution designed to help your firm thrive in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

No matter the size or scope of your legal firm, Blackacre Pro’s web-based management software is a strategic investment that offers immense value. It optimizes your firm’s operations, enhances efficiency, and promotes a balanced, productive work environment. In a demanding industry where time is of the essence and the workload is significant, Blackacre Pro provides the essential tools to manage effectively, leaving no room for inefficiencies.

Blackacre Pro is the future of legal practice management software. Make the smart choice today and equip your firm with the power of cloud-based efficiency and the innovation that comes with it.